Mad for Media creates promotional and explainer videos

For your business or personal needs. 

If you want a creative video without the hassle, then you need Mad for Media. It can be as simple as sending us a link to your facebook page. We can also take your recordings and edit them into something that it truly sensational. 

We’ll take care of the video editing and animations. It doesn’t matter if you’re a budget solution or something more comprehensive. With a professional video at your fingertips you have the power to reach more people, increase engagement and improve your connections. 


Reach More People


Improve Your Conversion Rates


Convey Information Faster


Help leads remember you.


Stand out from the crowd.


And Stay on Budget

The perfect solution to help you when you need to.
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The easy way to make an impression
  • Save Your Time

    Building a social media presence takes precious time and effort. Fortunately you no longer have to waste hours a day struggling to come up with ideas or creating graphics. Get cutomised content ready to go.

  • Stay On Budget

    Mad for Media is a small business designed for small businesses. The cost of video is often out of reach. So we've designed budget friendly customised packages. No surprise bills. Just clear, affordable options.

  • Show Your Brand

    Now even a small business is in reach of a professional online presence. Keep your online presence fresh, up to date, and impressive by using professional posts to create a marketable impression. What a win!

Tired of wasting time and energy creating an up to date online presence? 

Join the trend: It's Time to Get Mad for Media today!

Are you struggling to create an impressive social media presence? You know what works but it just takes a lot of time and money to create professional looking video and dynamic images. Focus on what you need to do and let Mad for Media boost your presence. We’ll create video clips, ads, banners, explainers and more. 

A Professional Video For Online Presence

Consumers use social media to stay up to date. Can you afford to not be present? 

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Think video and professional social media solutions are out of reach? Think again. 

Mad at Media? When Video Creation Drives You Crazy, Get Mad for Media!

Is the need to enhance your online presence with video content driving you mad? What if there's a simple solution? 

Mad at Media? Get Mad for Media instead
Mad at Media? Get Mad for Media instead.

It’s not just about creating professional looking video content. It’s about giving small businesses a chance in the expensive, high tech world around them. This is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. 

For the best value deal opt for a Mad Random video solution. At only $295 (or $245 if you sign up for monthly refreshers) it’s the most cost effective solution you’ll find. 

Why Do I Need To Use Video?

Business success is all about having the right connections. Online is where most of the market is. It's your first opportunity to connect and an ongoing platform to build trust and relate to your audience. Video helps you cut through the noise as stand out as a professional. 

With over 90% of millennials, over 77% of Gen X and over 48% of baby boomers using social media EVERY SINGLE DAY, online is your best chance to be seen. Your store won’t work if nobody sees it. Video increases your opportunities of being seen online. 

Potential customers are increasingly turning away from businesses if they can’t find you online or if your onlin presence makes you look unprofessional. An online presence is often regarded as an indicator that you are legitimate and current. Or at least not easy to access.

With most people using social media on a daily basis it’s pretty normal for consumers to seek up to date information about your business on social media. Keep it fun and exciting by updating your clients with a short video clip. 

Did you know that more and more people are checking out social media before they move onto a business website? This is your chance to turn leads into sales. Once they reach your website a video can significantly improve your chance of convincing a client to use your services. 

Your online presence is a great way to generate referrals. Consumers are heavily influenced by genuine referrals. Encourage satisfied customers to add their recommendation to your business and boost consumer confidence in your brand. Then create a video that showcases this golden praise. 

Traditional marketing is very expensive and there’s no guarantee of success. Social media is a lower cost opportunity to get a wide reach into your target audience. With Mad for Media, budget or comprehensive videos can be a powerful component in your marketing toolbox. 

Your social media presence is the place to show who you are. It’s where you connect on a human level, not just as a sales pitch. That’s why it’s important to imbue your personal touch and ensure you are responding to any consumer engagement. This is a chance for your brand to shine. 

Online ads are a great way of reaching new leads. (Yes we can help with these too). But sometimes people just aren’t ready to buy from you yet. Having an up to date social media presence helps them get to know your brand better. This builds trust and helps keep you front of mind when they are ready to buy. 

What differentiates you from the other businesses? Bring the message home through your social media presence. It’s your opportunity to show what you’re all about.

Capture attention, convey information that will be retained, entertain your audience, and persuade them to use your services. It’s what every business has to do. A good mix of blogs, images, and expert information goes a long way. Videos are even more powerful. 

Mad for Media gives you relief for your social media presence

Turn Your Online Presence Around

Social media video content keeps you front of mind.