Photo editing serves a range of purposes: 

  • Enhancing an image
  • Improving the lighting of a photo
  • Highlighting desired aspects of an image
  • Removing unwanted content in an image
  • Adding in fun elements to a photograph
  • Merging images together into one photo

Video editing or video curation is about: 

  • Bringing together elements to create a video
  • Enhancing the visual impact of a video
  • Cutting out content to shorten, highlight or focus on the desired parts of a video
  • Adding animations, transitions, sounds
  • Improving auditory or visual aspects of video

Slideshows allow you to bring together photos:

  • Creating a background of scrolling images
  • Providing a visually engaging presentation
  • Collating images in simple or artistic forms
  • Transitions between images
  • Music or sound effects
  • To create gifts and memories to keep


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$ 55


  • 10- 1,000 photos
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Themed or Annotated
  • 1 Minute plus
  • Backgrounds or Presentations
  • Gifts & Thank you
Photo Editing (Photoshop)
$ 99


  • Edit your photo/s
  • Improve Lighting
  • Remove Content
  • Add Content or fun features
  • Merge images together
  • Fun options for gifts
Video Editing
$ 150


  • Simple Process Options
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Business Videos
  • Gifts and memory curations
  • Themed & Narration Options
  • Options for business, events, gifts

Video Editing & Video Curation

Capturing video is the first step, putting it together in a meaningul way is the next step. That’s what video editing is about. Video curation adds an extra layer of versatility and budget options as it means we can create videos from your own photos, video clips, or even stock footage and animations. 

Simple or Involved Process depending on your needs

From as few as 10 photos

Classic & Simple
Themed & Annotated
Fun & Flashy

Royalty Free Music allows for sharing on social media

Use as backfround scrollers at events, parties & presentations

Create a special thank you gift, memory treasure or presentation


Slideshows can be created from your existing photos, a photography session, or a combination. 

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