Family Owned

Our family business is all about family. As a family owned and run operation, balancing the needs of our own young children, we wanted to provide a service that really works for families.

Family Focused

This is why we focus on creating fun, relaxed environments that make the photography & videography process enjoyable- for both your tiny tots and the time constrained entrepeneurs.

Mackay Local

You can come to our  studio in North Mackay. We are setup to easily provide a mix of studio and outdoor backgrounds. However we’re happy to travel throughout Mackay & further afield. 

Small Business

As a small business we aim to be relatable & affordable, while providing high quality photography, videography, and editing services. We are real people, simply keeping things genuine. 

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Caine Batley Videographer
Mackay Photography Photographer Caine
Caine Batley- Photographer, Videographer, Editor

Hi, I’m Caine and I am a photographer, videographer, editor, husband and father of four

I started Mad for Media in 2018 with the purpose of creating budget friendly videos for small businesses and helping them on social media. However I soon realised how much I missed being behind the lens, and decided to go back to my core passion, revitalising the business to focus on photography and videography. 

My goal is to provide fun, friendly, and relatable photography and videography services for both individuals and professionals who are looking for something real. If I’m having fun living out my passion then you benefit from an enjoyable process and quality output. 

My Background

Photography – Video – Technology – Printing – Kids. It all works together!


I have two grown sons and two young daughters. I’ve taken turns at being the stay at home Dad, coached kids’ sports, supervised kids’ camps, and mentored kids. This has all given me a great knack at quickly assessing where a child is at so that I can create a fun, relaxed atmosphere that keeps them smiling through the session. 


Photography was my childhood passion. I was constantly learning about techniques, technology, and elements that enhance the quality of a photograph. However it was video that I first delved into professionally and quickly became known for creating high quality content through the camera and editing. 


My Dad and grandad were big wigs in the printing industry. As the eldest child I naturally took up the family mantle when I graduated high school, to learn and apply the family trade. Ultimately this career path would give way to merely enhancing my understanding of colour and design as part of photography and video. 


When the digital world revolutionised the printing industry I studied IT. Then I spent some time managing a team of EFTPOS technicians. Again, this all turned into a great foundation for building a photography,  videography & editing business. And it all adds up to the ability to create amazing photos/videos for you. 

Enjoying life through a lens

If you’ve read this far then you’ve got an idea of my professional skills. Now I’ll open the curtains to something more personal.

I don’t keep it a secret that I struggle with a form of bipolar. While this does mean I go through periods of high energy, it also means that I find it difficult to manage my moods. It hasn’t always been easy, especially for those closest to me, but navigating life’s challenges is part of what helps us grow. 

Medication and therapy, as well as the invaluable support of my wife and family, mean that I am much better at managing my mood swings. Being able to work in a field that I am passionate about gives me an important sense of purpose and fulfillment, while still letting me have fun and enjoy my silly side.  

The secret of success

Embrace Your Passion

I define success as doing well with your passion. My passions are my family, my videography and photography, and my gaming. Mad for Media lets me embrace all of my passions at once, while helping me highlight some of your passions in the process. The combination of technical skills and creativity required to create great video and photos is exactly what I love. 

Enjoy The Moments

Photography is both an art form and a science. There are a tonne of principles that help you make a great visual. But then there are the truly fantastic shots that break the “rules”. If there is one business to be in that understands success is about embracing the moments, then it’s photography. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be a moment that matters. 

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