We provide family photography, couple’s photo shoots, Individual photo sessions, studio portraits, outdoor photos, lifestyle, pets, cars, real estate, and more. 


We provide video and drone video shoots for a range of special events, groups, individual, or family requirements. 


Our editing services are for both photo editing (photoshop) and video editing. We’ll create slideshows or put together shorter videos from lengthy footage. 

Personalised gifts

We offer a range of specialised photography or video based personalised gifts. With our new partner Photocrafts (coming soon), our gifts and event range will be increasing. 

Family Photography

For our family photography sessions we like to keep a relaxed atmosphere. We understand that when kids are involved they can quickly run out of patience. They don’t always want to wear the ideal clothes or smile for the shot. So we just go with the flow. There are some tricks to help the kids get into it, and we tend to use a more relaxed lifestyle focus. This means we don’t just want perfect poses and we don’t sit around waiting for just the right shot. We want moments. You don’t all have to be looking at the camera for a great family photo. Indeed, sometimes the best looks come when something goes wrong and everyone’s just having a laugh. Mini Photo sessions are a great option for families with young children. Not only does it cost you less, but the shorter session is easier for kids to get through.

Family Videography

Capture your family event or create a video message for your loved ones

If you want to record a video message or capture an event to remember, just give us a call. We can use our drone to capture footage from a unique perspective, setup a tripod, or move around with a handheld video. 


Video editing for personal and small business purposes is out speciality. 


Photo editing, often known as ‘photoshop’

Turn your photos into 
personalised gifts
 or keepsakes

There is a lot you can do with photos and videos. From slideshows, to calendars, wall art, and customised clothing prints.