Real Estate Videos

Whether you’re a Mackay based Real Estate Agent or an individual looking to privately sell their Mackay property, we can prepare real estate videos that help present your property for sale. Real Estate Videos typically reach a wider audience, generate a higher number of enquiries, and improve the sales experience. 

Property videos in mackay

A listing video is a video based on the property you want to sell (or rent). The most useful property video is a Walk Through. This gives viewers an effective, in-depth, view of the property that is for sale. It helps buyers work out if the property suits their needs and gives sellers a chance to show their property in its best light. Walk Through videos can be enhanced with lifestyle clips, location footage, testimonals, narratives, and other features.

Real Estate agents can benefit from additional video options. 


When you list a property a Video WalkThrough gives potential buyers the best opportunity to connect with your property

A Walk Through video is an efficient, yet in-depth tour of the property that a potential buyer can experience from the comfort of their own home. It is both an emotional and an informative experience that helps connect potential buyers with the homes and investment properties they are looking to buy. 

Since very few Mackay Real Estate Agents currently take full advantage of the value of Video Walk Throughs, now is a great time to put your properties at the front of the market. 

Other Video Options

While a Walk Through Video is the ideal option for listing and selling your property, as a Real Estate Agent you can take advantage of the power of video in many other ways

Agent Introductions

Introduce your sales team members with an opportunity to explain their sales approach. A video creates an avenue for viewers to connect with a sales agent before even meeting them and viewers are significantly more likely to recall a particular sales person if they have watched a video about them. You can keep videos up to date by adding in relevant themed videos, acheivement updates and fresh looks when necessary. 


Video Testimonials are a great way for you to show that your previous buyers and sellers had a fantastic experience with you. The video adds to the authenticity of testimonials and gives viewers an opportunity to hear first hand how working with your real estate agency is an ideal choice. 

Advice Videos

Buying and selling property can be daunting. Create some added value for your clients by preparing advice videos on how to navigate the process. By stepping back from only having sales focused videos you will also be greatly improving the experience for potential sellers and buyers who visit your website. 

Location Videos

A location video highlights the features of a general or specific location, provides tips on living in the area and/or showcases the advantages of the broader region. These videos create extra value for your clients, help increase traffic to your website, and help reduce the pressure that can exist when all of the content is focused on a sales pitch (which perhaps ironically, helps increase buyer/seller confidence in your firm). 

Listings Videos

A listing video puts together a video showing short clips about new listing, featured listings, the range of listings you have, or a list of properties with similar offerings, depending on what you want to show. 

Open Homes Videos

An Open Homes video gives viewers a quick rundown of all the properties that you will be holding an open home for in the next week. It can focus on one or more featured properties, simply list all open homes with a picture, or give a guide on how to get to all the open homes that fit a certain criteria. 

Walk Through Video Pricing

List Your Property in the Best Way with a Walk Through Video

  • Up to 1 minute video
  • Suitable for small homes (max 3 bedrooms) and quick overviews
  • Budget option to highlight key features
  • Can be purely visual (no narration)
  • Includes set up & filming time of up to 45 minutes
  • Included Enhancements:
  • Background Music provided
  • Firm logo (as applicable) & contact details included on video
  • Text with Property location details
$ 165
  • Approx 2-3 Minute Video
  • Suitable for medium homes (3-4bed/1-2 bath)
  • Standard Video for mid-range properties and highlighting key features
  • Includes set up & filming time up to 1 1/2 hours
  • Included Enhancements:
  • Same as Simple, plus:
  • Video Intro/Outro
  • Text/animations to draw attention or add information to key features
  • Real Estate Agent/Owner Narration
$ 275
  • Approx 3-6 Minute Video
  • Suitable for medium-large homes as well as luxury properties, rural properties, or properties in great locations or with location features to highlight
  • Voiceover essential (If owner/real estate agent unable to talk during filming, voice over must be added)
  • Includes set up & filming time of up to 2 hours
  • Included Enhancements:
  • Same as Standard Plus Optional:
  • Feature Highlights
  • Location Highlights
  • Lifestyle Highlights
$ 484

Walk Through Video Additions

Enhance your Walk Through Video with these optional additions

$ 109

Drone Footage Add-On

  • Most Popular Add-on. Drone footage significantly enhances Walk Through Videos with aeriel shots of your home and/or location
  • Suitable for any property where flight is allowed & external features or location are important
  • Price includes filming up to 1 hour
  • Stand-alone Drone Footage Option From $165
  • 10acres/over 1 hour filming: Price To Be Negotiated.
$ 55

Voice Over per minute

  • When the owner/real estate agent is unable to narrate during filming, Voice Over can be added in the studio.
  • Option to combine Narrations where suitable for the property video
  • Sub-titles included
$ 165

Location Video (From)

  • Sell your property with the importance of location by adding on a short location video
  • Can combine with your property Walk Through Video or add as a separate video
  • Price By Negotiation Depending on Filming Requirements, length of video and enhancements

Frequently asked questions about Property Videos

Why Would I use a real estate video to sell my home?

Real Estate videos have been shown to generate 4 times as many property enquiries than properties that are listed without video. Videos also increase organic reach by as much as 157%. 

When 70% of potential buyers prefer to watch a video house tour before coming along to the real thing, having your property video ready to go when the property is listed, can make a phenomenal difference. 

If you are a Real Estate Agent you can further benefit by having team member videos, advices, testimonials and listings/open home videos to showcase your firm as well as the properties you are selling.  

Is Drone Footage Essential for a good video?

While Drone footage isn’t essential, the videos that enjoy the most engagement and generate the strongest responses from viewers are the ones that include wide shots of the home, and sweeping shots that highlight the features of the immediate location of the property (ie next to a beach or a park). Drone footage can be harder to obtain as it cannot be flown during adverse weather conditions or in some flight restricted locations. For this reason it is not included as a standard element of the real estate video packages. 

What locations do you provide video services to?

As a Mackay based firm we provide real estate property video services to Mackay and Greater Mackay. We will gladly travel south to Sarina, Hay Point, and Sunnyside, inland to Eton, Kinchant Dam, Victoria Plains, Marian, Mirani, Devereux Creek, and the Leap, or North to Eimeo, Slade Point, Lamberts Beach, Shoal Point, Bucasia, Cape Hillsborough, and Seaforth. We are also willing to travel further afield, such as Airlie Beach, Proserpine, Bowen, and Nebo. Note that travel fees will be charged outside of a 25km radius from Mackay, and further distances may require a minimum number of engagements to be organised to make the trip worthwhile.  

What’s the Difference between getting a professional video done and doing one myself?

A professional videographer has specialised equipment to get the footage, audio, lighting, and visuals correct. They also have the experience in knowing how to film to get the right look and the right footage for editing. Then there is the editing itself, the tools to put the video together with the appropriate enhancements, royalty free music, and cleaning up of the auditory component or adding in professional sounding voice over. 

Get Your Property Video/s Started Today

Whether you’re a private seller looking to put up a video, or a Real Estate agency seeking to add value or improve your listings, we can help. Contact us for a quote.