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If you’ve done any research in marketing your business you may be wondering what’s so great about video anyway? You’d be hard pressed to find a marketing tip that doesn’t recommend including video in your toolbelt. There’s a simple reason for this.

Videos Make A Greater Impact

It’s really that simple.

Videos make a greater impact… overall.

Blogs, audio, still images, and word of mouth still very much have their place. In fact, and let’s be honest here… certain small, local businesses can thrive without ever utilising video as part of their marketing strategy. Despite what ‘everyone’ says, there are different ways of doing things, and there are people who do just fine without video.

However it’s very hard to dispute the fact that video makes a greater impact.

Presentations that include visuals are 9% more effective than text alone, and comprehension of presented content is 83% more effective in sticking around in the viewer’s brain.

When it comes to marketing specifically, video is only growing in power.

People are 1,200 more likely to share a video on social media than they are likely to share an image alone.

Your target audience is 300 times more likely to click on an email that contains video and 80 times more likely to convert into customers.

Video has been shown to generate about 300 times more organic traffic than other mediums, giving you 53 times more chance of being seen on google and 48 times more chance of being viewed on social media when compared to static posts.

Sometimes the best way to understand what’s so great about Video is to see it in action.

Consider the difference here:


You can use text to evoke images and emotions. Image a beautiful car on your screen. The colour shines, evoking a clear picture of newness, ease, and power. You can smell that new car smell, taking you back to childhood memories of wonder and exploration. As you drive around the corner you feel the smooth pull of power, effortlessly guiding you to your location.

When it comes to the safety features, this car is unparalleled. I can clearly list all the information needed to assure you that it’s been tested, retested, and fully certified.

I could use text to keep developing a story and create an image for you, but images themselves can give you information as much as 60,000 times more quickly than elaborating the details through text.


What's so great about video anyway? Just compare text, to image, to video to see for yourself.
Visuals are great at capturing attention and generating buzz. However, to really explain the features it often takes a lot of text to tell the story well, and can be hard to convey a truly complete picture without combining large quantities of words with a still image.


Video Makes An Impact

The reason why video is so great, and almost universally recommended, is because it makes an impact. Text and still images have their place, but the video is the powerhouse.

With consumers increasingly turning to video on social media platforms, seeking entertainment and information that cuts through the noise, video provides a greater opportunity to stand out, and present your business in a more professional light.

Small businesses often don’t have the budget to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a professional video campaign. That’s why Mad for Media is here to provide a budget solution with a professional impact. Contact us today to see the results for yourself.

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