The best social Media Solutions

The best social media solutions are the ones that meet your goals. That makes sense right? So, the first step in working out what the best social media solution is… to understand your goal.

The best social media solutions are the ones that take you where you need to go
Where is all this online work taking you?

The goal of your business social media account

Your social media account exists for a reason. What’s that reason? Well, it’s a pretty safe bet that the reason is: To make money.

Along the path to making money you could utilise a range of stepping goals. This could include:

  • Creating brand awareness, since the more aware people are of your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you.
  • Building the number of followers, because the wider your net is, the more likely you are to see some sales.
  • Informing people about your products or services. Once again, that’s because this information will lead to sales. Once people can see how great your business offerings are, they will pay for those offerings.
  • Strategically placing your business as an expert. When you’re the expert people will come to you to meet their needs. When you meet their needs they’ll happily fork over some cash.
  • Generating engagement between your posts and those who view the posts. Once again, that’s because engagement improves connection, which ultimately leads to a higher chance you’ll make a sale.
  • Reaching your ideal audience. That’s because your ideal audience are the ones who want to pay you decent money for what you can give them.

Each of these goals are fairly common social media goals. The reason they are common goals is that, through time and effort, they work to reach that end goal: making money.

It's about making money from your online activities on social media
It’s all about making money from your online activities

So, what works to bring me the money?

So, what works to bring in the money? The answer is both simple and intricately complex.

Basically, all of the above social media goals work. That’s why they are such common goals. Exactly how each of these goals is achieved and what works for each one will, however, depend on the type of business you are running and how you brand yourself. There is no one solution fits all answer, despite what some of the “gurus” will tell you. In fact, many people make MORE money out of promoting their own checkbox solutions than they actually make by using those checkbox solutions. Others have seen genuine success with their solutions, but fail to recognise that this doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. (Or they just see the potential to make even more money by passing on what worked for them).

Social media management includes a lot of trial and error. You fine tune, adjust, adapt, and respond based on what is working for your business. Sure, there are foundational concepts what typically works and what typically doesn’t- but each business needs to figure out what really works for them.

Your business is unique, that's why it needs unique solutions
Figure out what works for you

The essentials required for social media solutions

Grab Attention

You need to grab attention. If you don’t get attention then noone will every know how great your product or service is.

Logo Stingers

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Video and dynamic images catch the eye

Videos and dynamic images are a great way to stand out. Informative or funny blogs are another. They catch the attention of your audience and intrigue them to know more.

Shocking headliners, contentious issues, emotional appeals, essential information, and stuff that makes you laugh are other ways to grab attention. That’s why click bait is full of these, and it works. No matter how angry or annoyed people get at misleading headliners, they still generate a lot of interest. Click bait will, however, damage your credibility… probably.

Strategically Target Your Audience

Can you sell ice to an eskimo? If they’re holidaying in the tropics you probably could! However, if they’re freezing their buns off in an icy winterland then the most captivating sales tactics in the world wouldn’t really work. You either figure out what they Do need then sell them that, or figure out who already needs what you’re selling, then pitch to them instead.

Knowing your audience, and knowing how to target them, is a skeleton key of the social media solutions game. You can unlock any door you want once you know how to get the right message to the right people.

MFM Technology

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Strategically target your audience

Highlight what makes you stand out

Do you offer the cheapest product they can possibly get? Or are you more of a high quality, this will last the rest of your life, type of business. Are your expertise or your low cost solutions your selling point? Cheapest price guaranteed! Quality guaranteed! (They don’t tend to work together).

What about personalisation? Will customers flock to you because you can tailor products for them, or is it all about a boxed product with univeral appeal? Be yourself, stand out from the crowd by fitting in and get exactly the same jigsaw puzzle that everyone else in the world is working on. (So avoid those mixed messages and figure out which way you’re going).

Are you a family based, Australian owned business, reaching out to like minded clients based on a desire to support local? Come on, support another Aussie. We’re the battlers and we do well by sticking together. Or just be big business. They do well.

Perhaps your ecological focus is what makes you different. Everything you do is good for the environment. Your social conscious appeals to your audience and they are happy to pay that higher price tag for the greater good. Save the planet. Buy right here.

ok you get the drift…

Highlight something that stands out about yourself.
Spend $100 and I’ll juggle for you! (You never know, it just might work…)

Mix it Up

Don’t do the same thing over and over again. People are not on social media to get a daily sales pitch. They don’t want to be asked the same questions repeatedly. Nor are they going to laugh at the same jokes day in and day out. You’ll also intrigue different people in different ways. Some people want to read informative blogs. Others want to laugh. Many just want a video that’s easy to digest.

Mixing it up will help you reach a wider audience and help keep you fresh and engaging.

Mad For Media

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Yup that’s our sales pitch. After all, what’s the ultimate end goal in creating useful content to read?

Mad for Media is ready to provide social media solutions for you
Mad for Media is here to help… and to keep it real

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