Relaxed family photos are easy to get, right? After all, we all have cameras on our phones these days. Well that’s the theory anyway. Pick up the camera when everyone is together, point, and shoot. Piece of cake.

Oh wait, you’re not in the photo when you do that.

And the lighting is a bit off.

And young junior is grizzling.

Things are out of focus.

You are too busy trying to get the photo to keep an eye on things.

I think you know where I’m going with this…

Step 1: Hire a professional family photographer

Getting high quality, relaxed family photos means hiring a professional family photographer. This is someone who understands the importance of capturing you and your family in the right way. Ideally you want to book someone who gives you a good mixture of poses and lifestyle portraits. This way you find the gems that are often missed when everyone is just focused on posing, but you also ensure you’re getting that nice family shot where everyone is setup just for the photo.

Fun family photos at Mackay

Step 2: Prepare for the Photography Session

You don’t all have to wear matching clothes, but it does help to wear clothing that isn’t too bright or clashing. Plain colours and simple patterns tends to work best because it ensures the focus of the family photo is the people, rather than their clothing.

If there are particular images that you want as part of your family photo session, make sure you let the photographer know in advance.

Most importantly, remember that an enjoyable session is one where you get relaxed family photos. This means wearing clothing that you are all comfortable in.

Step 3: Relax. It’s the key phrase in relaxed family photos.

Can we emphasis this enough? You can’t have relaxed family photos if you’re not relaxed. If you’re relaxed then it helps the kids relax. When the kids are relaxed they will enjoy their photography session so much more! And relaxed, happy kids make for fun, cute smiles that you will always cherish.

Step 4: Show up on time and listen to the photographer taking the relaxed family photos

It’s much easier to get relaxed family photos when things go smoothly. This means you show up on time and follow the photographer’s lead. They understand poses and will try different things out with your family. It might not always work, but that’s just part of the process. Laugh if things don’t go quite right- it may just be the laugh that makes those snaps shine.


Should You Choose a Full Photography Session or a Mini Shoot?

Photographers typically provide a range of photography options. There is a standard full photography session, a short mini photo shoot, and a range of other options. For relaxed family photos you most likely want to book a mini shoot. Mini shoots are short, so short attention spans aren’t wasted. They also mean small kids can get through the session having fun instead of getting bored.

However, if you’ve got an older family, or are after relaxed family photos for a large extended family, then you would need to go with a full photography sessions for optimal results. (Note that there will be limits on the number of people that can be included in a Mini photo shoot as it is very difficult to get good quality photos of large numbers of people in a short timeframe). Since more mature people typically have better attention spans than the littlies, but may be more reserved when it comes to getting relaxed family photos, the photographer can take their time getting people into the right mood.

Who To Book For Your Relaxed Family Photo Session

If you are in the Mackay region then you can book a mini shoot or a full photography session with Mad for Media. Both full photography sessions and Mini Shoots are available all year round in outdoor, indoor, and combined locations. Check out the Mad for Media facebook page for ongoing updates.

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